UFO Fever In The 21st Century

Many of us around the world have seen a UFO. Almost everyone knows what the word means. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Thanks to archeology we can now say they have been appearing in our skies since the dawn of man.

But there are still people out there who do not believe we have been visited. Some of them even believe we are alone in the universe because NASA has yet to identify any planets capable of sustaining human life. Or so we are told.

There is flaw in NASA’s argument however. They cannot possibly, with their limited technology, tell us they have scanned and observed every planet in the universe. It’s impossible unless they can travel to these planets themselves and tell us.

I believe there is substantial evidence that we have been visited and there is intelligent life other than our own out there. For those that have visited, what is their reason for coming here? No one has a definitive answer but so far they have not invaded or wiped us all out.

Hopefully one day soon all our answers about life in the universe will be fully answered. And only then will we fully understand why we are here and where we go.

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