Time Rift – A Time Travel Book


Many have speculated if time travel is possible. And other have discussed what would happen if you traveled back in time. Would you change the course of history or create a new timeline like in some movies or books? Let’s say you could change history where everyone you know and love is affected but you.

I’m you’re thinking as you read this post that you would love to go back to your past and fix a mistake you still regret to this day. Or you might have the desire to travel into the futrue and observe who will win the next Super Bowl.

It has been said that time travel can be dangerous if you’re not careful regardless if you move forward or backwards in time. If you travel back to the year 1912 and accidently kill Captain Edward Smith do you delay the voyage of the Titanic, thereby avoiding the iceberg?

Well, in this book, Time Rift, you’ll read about a young man who wants to change his own history by saving the Titanic from certain doom.


What if you could change history by traveling back in time? 

On the evening of April 14th, 1912, the R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Among the passengers who went down with the ship was Thomas Cole, a man who had apparently been part of a conspiracy set up by J.P. Morgan to deliberately sink the ship. 

Seventy years later his grandson, David Cole, who leads an ordinary life, is about to change the course of history when he is confronted by a man named Keith Granger who was part of that conspiracy. In order to redeem his own past, Granger gives Cole the ability to travel back in time and save both his grandfather and the ship by giving him a time travel device. 

But the road is paved with many bumps as Cole’s repeated attempts to succeed are not as easy as he thought. 

My book Time Rift is now available on the Kindle


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