The Legacy of Steve Jobs

The other night I watched a movie called “Jobs” based on the life of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs. It stars Ashton Kutcher. And while I like the moive I had no idea what kind of person he was growing up until I dug a little more into his personal background.

I like Apple products.

When I was kid my parents bought me a Macintosh LCII and I loved it. In fact, now I own an iPhone, iPod and a Mac Book. They are easy and fun to use.

It amazes me the creativity that came from the mind of Steve Jobs. I love that he wanted his products to be unique and different than anything else that was out there; and in some ways it still is.

Yet I was saddened to find out that Steve’s eratic behavior was in some ways disheartenig to some of the people who worked under him. He was a motived man, yes, but did he suffer from asperger’s or autism?

I have not read the biography that came out shortly after his death but I intend to. I hear it is very good and worth the money.

Nevertheless, Steve Jobs created a vision that has changed the way we look at technology

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