The Age of Technology – From Automobile to iPhone

We’ve come a long way since the invention of the automobile. We’ve built a rocket and sent men into space and even landed on the moon. The first computers were built in the late 40’s and have since become the size of of a picture frame. We now use wireless cell phones to talk to one another over long distances.

So what’s in store for us next? Will we see flying cars that run on a cost free and pollution free energy like in Back to the Future? Will we be able to talk to our computers and have them talk back to us? Artificial Intelligence maybe? Or will our monitors be holographic like in Star Trek or Ironman where by simply touching the screen we’ll get the latest news and weather from anywhere in the world?

We’ve already seen cell phones like the iPhone that react with the touch of your finger. Hybrid cars are starting to emerge as a replacement for fossil fuel cars that run on gasoline for the average driver. And we’re even beginning to see machines that work together at the microscopic level to perform various function.

I love technology. I try to keep up with the latest gadgets and gizmos that come out. There are many things I would like see that have yet to surface but hopefully one day those dreams will be realized. Keep dreaming big!

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