The Reality of Nanotechnology

In 1999, there was a scene from the science fiction show “The X-Files” that briefly talked about nanotechnology. In this scene FBI agent Fox Mulder drives to an abandoned factory where he runs into Senator Matheson who has observed his colleague dying from millions of nanites (nanotechnology) that have been injected into his body.

When Mulder realizes the cause of his death, the senator tells him that nanotechnology “is a technology that world believes is purely theoretical.” Then as Mulder is leaving the building he turns and tells the senator that he will stop this from happening to his boss, Assistant Director Skinner.

Today, nanotechnology has become a reality in our daily lives. We may not notice it because we can’t see these machines with the naked eye. We can only observe them at the microscopic level.

Medical science has already announced that this incredible technology has been used in many applications. Some of them include food, drugs, bio materials and electronics. In my novel, nanotechnology is used to create the suit that Jonathan Wolf wears.

Historically, nanotechnology emerged in the 1980’s when it was first used with the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope. From their the public became more aware of what is was and what it could be possibly used for.

In my book of course, I mention that nanotechnology did not originate here on Earth but on a different planet altogether from a much more advanced race of beings. When the technology is brought to Earth and stolen by the U.S. Government they use it to their own destructive end.

Is it possible that nanotechnology originated elsewhere in our galaxy and our governments adapted that technology when aliens came to visit us in the past as some conspiracy theorist believe? Most people including mainstream scientists give a resouning “no” to that question. Only the conspiracy communities have pondered such a question but without any hard evidence.

Regardless, nanotechnology is an interesting and fascinating subject to talk about. As as writer, I’m hoping that someday this technology will be able to cure diseases and repair the human body. There are talks that this will soon be available in the public domain but for now we just have to watch as we try to evolve technologically as a society.

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