The Future of Transportation

One of my favorite vacation destinations is Walt Disney World. I love the rides, the scenery and the magical feel of just being there. There are two rides in particular that I would love to see in our major cities across America.

The Monorail and the People Mover or as it is also called the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

Because of the amount of fossil fuels we have burned in this country I believe it is imperative that we as a country switch to these types of alternative means of transportation. The People Mover uses an induction motor to move it along the track. No fossil fuels are burned. The same goes for the Monorail. Neither one produces pollution and that makes them environmentally safe.

It saddens me to this day that our corrupt politicians and greedy oil companies continue to fight over where to dig for more oil on this planet. It’s all about money and politics. It is not about what’s best for the environment or the people.

I hope one day we come to our senses and realize that we need these types of transportation system just as other countries like Europe who have already started using the popular bullet magnetic levitation trains.

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