The Futre of Reading – Digital vs Paperback

In one of my previous posts titled The Age of Technology I talked about how we have reached the era where we have come to rely heavily on the use of technology in our every day lives.

Well the time is slowly approaching where paperback books will more than likely become obsolete now that technology has caught up to us and the emergence of the ebook will take over completely. Today, people still buy books in paperback but now that the Amazon Kindle is out along with the iPad and Nook, more and more people are switching to the digital format of book reading.

The advantages for purchasing an ebook are:

  1. They are less expensive at times depending on the publisher.
  2. They can be more environmentally friendly depending how you measure it. No trees to cut down but the use of a battery to run a kindle is using energy.
  3. Some claim they are easier to hold in bed while reading.
  4. They don’t take up any space on your bookshelf. Just your Kindle.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  1. As technology changes so will the format to read your ebook.
  2. If your Kindle or digital device breaks you may loose all of your ebook’s. That’s why it’s important to always back up your data.
  3. A book doesn’t run on batteries. A kindle does.
  4. Books have a longer shelf life than a Kindle.

My current book, Time Rift, is being sold as an ebook for those who still wish to stick to the digital way of reading simply because the book is not long enough to beceome paperback. However, as I continue to write I will have many books that will be long enough to be available in both formats to read.

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